Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wacky Wednesday!!

Hey Girls!!!

I have a fun little quiz for you today, and its an awesome way (not to mention easy way) to earn Friendz Pointz!!! There is a catch!!! YOU CAN ONLY EARN PTZ FOR THIS TODAY AND TODAY ONLY!!!! You have until 10 p.m. CST, to post the score you get by taking the quiz called, "What is your Scrap IQ??"

Click on the link above to take the quiz. When you are done, let us know your results by replying to this post. Don't be afraid!! It's a pretty tricky quiz, so don't feel embarassed by getting less than perfect! I was surprised by some of the things I didn't know!

Out of 15 questions, I got 12 right. So you can post your results like this:
My Score: 12/15= 80%

Now, you HAVE to be honest!!! Post the FIRST results you get!!
Check back here later tonight, and I'll let you know how many Friendz Pointz you have earned!!!!

Have a Happy-Scrappy Wednesday!!!


Christa said...

I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader!! lol
My score 10 / 15 = 66.7%

Brandi said...

Here's my score!

13 / 15 = 86.7%


Allie said...

13 / 15 = 86.7% for me too!

Angela said...

What an interesting quiz!

12 / 15 = 80.0%

NoraAnne said...

I'm with you brandi & allie....

13 / 15 = 86.7%

wendipooh13 said...

um not so good!!!

11 / 15 = 73.3%

Jodi said...

ummm...I don't like this quiz...some of these answers are tricky. In my opinion, my answers were right, just because I didn't choose all of them I got them wrong. My score 10/15=66.7% :(
oh well, I guess I did learn something!!

Elizabeth said...

finally got my puter up and running again...
so here are the results from my test..
12/15= 80%!!
(totally guessed on the quilling thing and got it right.. I am not up with the trends..but I was pretty sure ,we're not inking feathers. yet. LOL

Cheryl L. said...

O.K. here is mine.....
10 / 15 = 66.7%

Nicole said...

I can't believe that I scored so low...(hanging my head low).

10/15 = 66.7%

scrapfriendzy said...

I didn't do very well either!!! Yikes!
12/15=80% for me!!