Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Challenge Thursday

I don't know about you....but, I am always needing cards for one occasion or another. I told you a few weeks back about how I started making a card with my scraps from every layout I finish. It's been working great! I'm using my scraps AND I've always got a card when I need it!
For this weeks challenge, I want to encoourage you to use your scrap stash to make cards...but there's a catch!!! You've got to make a set of least 4 coordinating cards! They can be any size, any shape and any theme...they just need to coordinate like my examples below!!

Create your set of 4 cards and e-mail us a pic to and I'll give you 12 FRIENDZ POINTZ!!!
Check back tonight for BINGO WORDZ!!
Happy a super scrappy day!!!


Ronda S. said...

Such a neat idea!! Love that card set. I have sooo many scraps I could use up for this challenge!

Cheryl L. said...

O.K Great idea & challenge!

Christa said...

Ohhhh love that paper!! Who is it from??

I had to make 3 cards yesterday for a contest. I have to say... I had fun. It's been awhile since I've sat down and made some cards.

Jane said...

I've been a silent admirer of the Scrapfriendzy spot for a couple months. You gals are so creative that I'm envious. I love getting new ideas from you, so keep those great ideas coming.

Donna Espiritu said...

Here's a link of my card set:

Loved doing this! Thanks for the challenge :)