Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Challenge Thursday

I'm so excited about our first CHALLENGE THURSDAY!!! This week's challenge is using one of my sketches! You will have 1 week to complete a layout using it. This challenge is worth 10 Friendz Pointz!!

Here are our example pages using this sketch:

"Beautiful" by AMY

"My Angel" by Brandi

"Sweet Little Baby Girl" by Cheryl

"We Blinked" By Ronda

Hope you find this sketch inspiring! To recieve your 10 Friendz Pointz, just create your page using the sketch and e-mail us a pic of it to You have 1 week to complete your page. Friendz Pointz will be awarded to anyone who submits pages by midnight February 29 We will post all of the completed pages here on ScrapFriendzy!!

Keep working on those Wacky Word Scrambles!! The are worth 3 Friendz Pointz!!!
TODAY is the DEADLINE for the Girlfriend Of The Month Contest!! Get those LOs turned in by midnight (CST)!!
Hope you have a Super Duper Totally Amazing Scrap-Happy Day!! ;)
Later Gators!


Congratulations to Jodi Cox!!!! She is the BINGO winner!!
Email me your address, Jodi and I'll get your prize to you!!
Way to Go!!!! Thanks to all of you girls who participated!!!

BINGO Finale!!!

OK, girls......this is it!!! Here is your last call for BINGO words!!! Good Luck!




Don't forget, to the first person to comment "BINGO" in this post.
Come back tomorrow for our fist CHALLENGE THURSDAY!!! You could earn Friendz Pointz!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ronda's Wacky Wednesday

Here we are , the last Wednesday in January! I can't believe we are already a month into the New Year! I am super excited about all of the fun things we have going here @ Scrap-friendzy! Speaking of fun things....I know we all had a good time playing Scrap-a-licious Bingo. But, its about to come to an end. Yes, some of us are VERY close to being a BINGO winner!! So, you know what that means? It's time for....... WACKY WORD SCRAMBLE!!!!

Here is how it works:

I am going to give you a list of 15 scrap-related words, that you will be challenged to unscramble.
If you would like to play, be sure to comment on this post, to let us know that you are "signing in" to play WACKY WORD SCRAMBLE. Then, you will need to email us your list of un-scrambled words. What's in it for me, you ask?? Well, besides the overwhelming amount of fun you're going to have, you can earn Friendz Pointz! For more info, check out the Scrapfriendzy Newz column to the right, for the Friendz Pointz announcement. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us, or comment here.

WACKY WORD SCRAMBLE is going to be worth 3 Friendz Pointz . Complete your list of scrambled words, and you earn the pointz. The more Friendz Pointz you earn, the better chances you have of winning a scrappy prize. And, who doesn't like free stuff?? SOOOOOO....... who's in???

Here is the list:

1. nerdetapt preap (2 words)

2. reksctis

3. visaehed

4. tricuc

5. peat eurnrn (2 words)

6. ycanf tsnap (2 words)

7. raskfsi

8. spunehc

9. moosc trickce (2 words)

10. iinm lumba (2 words)

11. eemiomsr

12. pracs zydrinfe (2 words)

13. qnhecuite

14. sssrteid

15. crmaenia fctrsa (2 words)

More BINGO Words!!!

OK are 3 more words for today!!! I know some of you are getting really close!!! So, don't forget...if all of your words are called, you've got to be the first person to post a comment saying "BINGO!!!" to win! Good Luck!!




Drop back in tomorrow for Ronda's Wacky Wednesday and more BINGO words...maybe we'll have a winner!!!

Technique Tuesday

Today's technique is from the Autumn Leaves Designing With 2008 Calendar:

I thought this was such a clever way to make a layout go from plain and simple to super cool! So give it a try! I think I'll use this technique on a page today!!

Have a great Tuesday!! Remember....GFOTM entries are due by midnight Thursday!

Here's a BINGO word to get you through the day!!


Good Luck! We are getting really close to a winner!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008


Here are the words for today! Good Luck!!




Don't forget if you need a "recap" on which words have been called, click on the CURRENT GAME link. All called words are green!!
Check back tomorrow for Technique Tuesday!!!
Only 3 more days to get your Girlfriend Of The Month entry in!! Hurry! Hurry!

Amy's Monday Motivation

Happy Monday!!! Hope you all are having a great start to the week! Before I was absolutley obsessed with scrapbooking, I would scrap only the important events and holiday pictures of my girls. I look through my older albums and I have very few pages of just everyday snapshots. So, I've been going back through some older pictures and scrapping some of those photos that I haven't scrapped yet. It's been so much fun looking back. I can't believe how fast times flies! It seems like just yesterday that were babies!
For this weeks motivation, I want to encourage you to look back at some old photos and scrap them in a "before & after" or a "then & now" type layout. I created this LO of my oldest daughter, Bethany. I found this sweet picture of her when she was in Kindergarten standing by a tree and instantly thought of another picture I took on her first day of Jr. High, standing by a tree! I put both pics on this LO to showcase how much she has changed and grown over the years.

Hope you have a wonderful and blessed week!!!
PS....check back this evening for more BINGO words and tomorrow for Technique Tuesday!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Sorry I've left ya hangin' for a few days!!! I'm sure you are all ready for more BINGO words ya go!! 3 More!




Good Luck!!! Check back tomorrow for Monday Motivation and more BINGO words!!

Friday, January 25, 2008


Here it is, Friday again already! Scrapbook companies are getting more and more creative with their products' packaging. Chipboard comes in cute tins that can be used again. The leftovers on chipboard or sticker sheets can be cut up and used. Yesterday I made a layout incorporating the paper's packaging instead of the actual patterned paper. I know this is not a new concept but I think it's the first time I've done anything like that. I used my square punch to punch out pieces from the "index" sheet that came in my package of Basic Grey paper. You know that sheet that shows you what all comes in the pack. I punched the pieces out, distressed them a bit, and slapped it down on my background. By using that sheet instead, I was able to get some of each patterned without cutting into 9 different 12" x 12" sheets.

This layout is a work in progress. I think it needs a bit more work--maybe some stitching or buttons somewhere.

I would love to know what other packaging items you guys have re-purposed and used creatively. Leave a link in the comments so I can take a peek!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

One week to go!!! {& BINGO words!!}

OK...chicks, only one week to go until the deadline for the January Girlfriend Of The Month Contest!!

Here's the scoop: You have a chance to not only win the title, but also a fun RAK! Your challenge is to create a LO with a new year theme. It can be celebrating New Years, your resolutions or goals for a new year, a "year in review" LO, life lessons learned in the past year, whatever! Be creative! Anything that you would scrap that has to do with a new year is cool! Here are the contest rules: 1. Create any size LO focusing on New Years 2. E-mail it to us at 3. The deadline for entries is Midnight (CST) Thursday, Jan 31st

I thought I'd share the New Year's LO I created for my 2008 BOM. I kinda went overboard with the sewing machine & distressing, but it was a ton of fun!!
I used Creative Cafe goodies. I love the colors in this line. The die-cut flowers are adorable and it even has matching felt flowers, shapes & words.
I used stickers to make a mask for my title. Just put your stickers on, brush paint over them, let them dry for just a few minutes and pull the stickers back off. Pretty cool technique!
I made a pocket and little file tabs where I wrote my goals and dreams for 2008. This LO is 8x8.

Hope this inspires you to create a New Year's themed LO and enter the GFOTM contest! C'mon, you can do it!!!
OPPS......I almost forgot...... BINGO WORDS!!!!! Here ya go:




Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Hump Day!!!!

Hope you are having a great week! I'm excited about all the new weekly features we are adding to Scrapfriendzy! Be sure to check back often! We want this to be a fun place of inspiration!
So....who's ready for some BINGO words for today???
Here ya go:




Good Luck!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Technique Tuesday

OK, girls, I'm starting a new feature every Tuesday called "Technique Tuesday!" Each Tuesday, I will post a new scrapbook technique for you to try! This week, I am featuring a technique from the Autumn Leaves Design With 2008 Calendar {If you haven't got yours yet...GET ONE!!! They ROCK!!}

Here's our technique for today:


How To: To ensure overlapping elements- like the orange scroll shown here- don't extend beyond the edge of you page protector, cut the top of your page to allow space for it. The resulting page is still only 12" tall but allows you to have a decorative accent extend off the page!
This is such a simple technique that adds interest and fun to you pages! C'mon, give it a try!!
AND NOW................. MORE BINGO WORDS!!!!!!!
Here ya go:
Good Luck Girls!!! How close are we to a winner??!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Amy's Monday Motivation

I recently participated in a challenge on the ScrapAttack Blog to create a LO using "white" or "empty" space on your LO. This is such a popular trend in scrapbooking right now, but a big challenge for me! I'm a gaudy girl! I love filling my pages up with cute pics or rockin' embellies. I always feel like everything has to be "even" and balanced....SO I jumped into the scary world of empty space and this is the LO I came up with:

Got my gaudy fix, but it has "white" space too!
My challenge for you this week is to step outside of your comfort zone and create a LO using a trend or technique that you are a little uncomfortable with. It will be lots of fun, AND you might just like it!!

Who's ready for more BINGO words???!!! Here are your words for today:

Scenic Route



Good Luck, girls!!
PS.....Don't forget about the January Girlfriend Of The Month Contest. The deadline is Jan 31. {For more on the CURRENT CONTEST link to the right}
Have a super duper week!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Time for more BINGO words!!!

OK....her are 3 more words! Good Luck!




31 in 31

Last week I mentioned my "resolution" of doing something scrappy everyday. Well so far it's been easier than I thought. I joined the LOAD challenge at BPS and then Simply Obsessed is doing a "31 Flavors" challenge for inspiration. Everyday someone posts a challenge to get you started. If you load your layout in the gallery, your name goes into a drawing for a prize at the end of the month. So far I have done at least one layout per day, sometimes 2! If you need a little inspiration this month, or just wanna chat, stop by We'd be glad to have you!


Friday, January 18, 2008


Man......I've had a crazy day.....just now getting to draw words...well, actually my Hubby drawed this time...I'm tired of getting griped out for choosing the wrong words!!!heehee Just jokin'!!!
Here ya go, chicks!!!




Good Luck!!! (And remember...I didn't draw 'um!!!)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Today's Bingo Words

OK girls! Here ya go....3 more Bingo words!!! Drumroll pleeeeeeeeeze............................................
Paper Trimmer



Good Luck Girlies!!! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More BINGO words!

3 more words for you today!! Good Luck!!

My Mind's Eye



**Don't forget, to catch up on all the words that have been called, click on the CURRENT GAME link...all called words are in green!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

BINGO Words for today!

Here ya go....3 more words..........




Good Luck Girls!!
**If you need an update on which words have been called, click on the CURRENT GAME link, the called words are in green.

Mark Your Calendars!!!

Just wanted to let you know about an upcoming online crop over at Dixie Pieces! They will be hosting a "Beat The Winter Blues 24 hour Crop" Feb 15 & 16. There will be fun challenges, games & contest....and ofcourse loads of prizes!!!
You can check it out here!

**If you know of an exciting scrappy event coming up, please e-mail us....we might just share it with everyone here at ScrapFriendzy!

Monday, January 14, 2008


Here are 3 more words!!




Good Luck Girlies!!!

Amy's Monday Motivation

Happy Monday!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Today, I'm not going to necessarily give you motivation to scrap, but rather a site that is absolutely FULL of motivation and inspiration for scrappin'!!!
Just wanted to invite you to come check out a totally cool site where I love hanging out.....It's Scrap Attack!
This site is so much fun! The ladies that hang out there are so kind, the gallery is packed full of inspiration, the store has some of the best products and prices out there and one of my faves..... the Message Board!!
I will warn you before you log is VERY addicting!!! The way Lauri has the site set up is super cool. There are different challenges posted weekly that you can complete and earn charms for. And I've become a Charm Junkie!! I love it!
So...if you want a fun place to hang out, head on over to ScrapAttack! Sign in on the Message Board and tell them AMY (bethally) sent ya!! I promise you will love it!
Have a totally wonderful week!!
PS.....Be on the look out for more BINGO words tonight!! Don't forget about the January Girlfriend Of The Month Contest! :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Scrap-A-Licious BINGO

Here Ya Go...... 3 more words!!!




Good Luck Ladies!!! :) How many did ya get??!!

***PS...we've already got LOs coming in for the January Girlfriend Of The Month Contest...get to workin' on yours!! Deadline is Jan 31st...yes, Elizabeth...Jan 31 of THIS year!!!heehee;)
For more info, click on the Current Contest Link.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Scrap-A-Licious Bingo Begins!!

OK girls.....I've drawn 3 words....
are you

Here we go:

Patterned Paper

Love, Elsie


Post a comment and let me know how many of these words you had!
Don't forget to check back in never know when I'll call more words!! Good Luck!
Here's a reminder on how it works:
You chose 25 words from the list of 50. You e-mail me a copy of the words you picked, and kept a copy for yourself. As I call out the words, check off the ones you have on your list. Be the first person to get all 25 of your words called and post a comment calling "BINGO!" Have fun!
Any more questions...please feel free to e-mail me!! Good Luck!!

Scrap-A-Licious BINGO Players

Here's who I have for BINGO players for this round:
*If I'm missing someone, please e-mail us ASAP I'll start calling words 2nite!!

Friday, January 11, 2008


New Year's Resolutions? Do you make them? I don't. I'm not trying to be difficult. I just know I won't keep them. I know I'm not gonna become a fabulous housekeeper or exercise or eat healthy so I don't even say I will! LOL! This year I did make a scrappy resolution. I plan to "try" to do something scrappy everyday. It may not be a complete page but maybe a card or even just a sketch. So far I have kept that resolution (first time for everything, right?). I have done at least 1 layout per day (minus the past 2 days since I've been out of town) and a few of those days I did more than 1! How awesome is that?

So.....what are your resolutions? Scrappy or otherwise? And how are you doing at keeping them?


PS--You have about an hour left to get those BINGO words in! It's gonna be FUN! Also don't forget to check out the Girlfriend of the Month contest!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Scrap-A-Licious BINGO

HURRY!!! You have less than 24 hours to get your words picked for BINGO!!! The deadline is 11:59pm (CST) Friday, January 11. Email them to us ASAP!!!
You can find the word list & more info by clicking on the Current Game link on the right!
Good Luck!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ronda's Wacky Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Hope you're having a great week. I just wanted to remind you to get your entry in for the *****Girlfriend of the Month contest!!!!***** For more info, click on the "Current Contest" link on the sidebar to your right. >>>>

Also, just for fun and a great RAK, participate in our current game of "Scrap-A-Licious Bingo"! Its so fun, just select 25 words from the word list below, and email them to us, @ by Friday, January 11th 11:59 (CST). We will start calling out words on Saturday, January 12th.

Here is a little video I came across @ Scrap-Tastic, that I wanted to share. It's so cool! Its called," Love 2008".

Now, get to working on your GOTM entries! We'd love to have you join us!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Scrap-Friendzy BINGO!!!

Who wants to play BINGO...Scrap-Friendzy Style??!!
Here's how it works:
*Below is a list of 50 "Scrap-A-Licious" Words.
*Players pick 25 words and e-mail them to me (don't forget to keep a copy for yourself of your choices!!) By Friday, Jan 11 @ 11:59pm (CST)
* I will begin calling words on Saturday, Jan 12. Periodically through the week, I will "call" words. Check back often to see which words are called.....if I call any of your words, check them off of your list.
*Be the first person to get all 25 of their words called, post a comment calling "BINGO" and you are the winner of a scrappy RAK!!
*Just e-mail me with any questions!
*Have fun & Good Luck!!!
(The words that have been called are in green!!)
1. Memories
2. Family
3. Photos
4. Cardstock
5. Adhesive
6. Journaling
7. Patterned Paper
8. Paper Trimmer
9. Brads
10. Font
11. 12x12
12. Ribbon
13. Bling
14. Die-Cuts
15. Album
16. Felt
17. Vellum
18. Rub-Ons
19. Flowers
20. Stamps
21. Emboss
22. Chipboard
23. Sketches
24. Camera
25. Bazzill
26. 8x8
27. Scenic Route
28. Stickers
29. Xyron
30. Buttons
31. Celebrate
32. Fancy Pants
33. 6x12
34. Prima
35. Crop
36. Love, Elsie
37. Ink
38. Mat
39. Scissors
40. Moments
41. Smile
42. Autumn Leaves
43. Punches
44. Paint
45. Friends
46. American Crafts
47. My Mind's Eye
48. Remember
49. Scrap-Lift
50. Say Cheese!

Friday, January 4, 2008

January Girlfriend Of The Month Contest

We're on the search for a January Girlfriend Of The Month!! Here's the scoop:
You have a chance to not only win the title, but also a fun RAK!
Your challenge is to create a LO with a new year theme. It can be celebrating New Years, your resolutions or goals for a new year, a "year in review" LO, life lessons learned in the past year, whatever! Be creative! Anything that you would scrap that has to do with a new year is cool!
Here are the contest rules:
1. Create any sizeLO focusing on New Years
2. E-mail it to us at OR post it on your blog. If you choose to post it on your blog, please comment on THIS post telling us you did, and please post it on your blog using " FOR SCRAPFRIENDZY" (or something simular) for the title of your post so we can easily find your entry.
3. The deadline for entries is Thursday, Jan 31st *Feel free to e-mail us if you have any question!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ronda's Wacky Wednesday

Happy New Years!!!! I love it when a new year starts, its an opportunity to start fresh and change things for the better. I am so excited about what we have in store for Scrapfriendzy this year! We have already had contest winner, Congrats to Mary!! I hope you all consider taking on the challenge on Amy's Monday Motivation, what a neat idea to scrap a year in review. Speaking of this past year, How would you rate 2007? Here are my results...

You Had a Fantastic Year!

Compared to most years, last year was definitely great.
Overall, you're living a much better life than you were twelve months ago.
And nothing is a better mark of a good year.
Here's to hoping next year is even better!

Well, I hope the new year has been great for you so far!! Have a great week!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

And the winner is.....

Congrats Mary! Email me at so I can get your RAK to you! I would love to see what you do with your goodies!

I also want to let y'all know about a great "Page a Day" challenge going on at Simply Obsessed. Everyday this month there will be a challenge posted and you can complete that challenge or do your own thing. Either way, each page you complete will get a chance to win prizes. Check it out at We'd love to have you join us!


Amy's Monday..uh..I mean Tuesday Motivation!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2008 is here!! Time to forget the past and embrace a clean fresh start...but wait, we're scrapbookers, our whole purpose in life is to REMEMBER the past- not forget it! So My motivation for you this week as we look forward to the new year, let's reflect on the past year. I challenge you to create a Year In Review layout! They are so fun to do!
I'm already working on one for 2007, but I thought I'd share a few pics of the one I did for 2006.
For this LO, I went with a monthly focus. I keep a pocket calendar ever year. I write EVERYTHING that we've got going on in that calendar. SO when it was time to do this yearly review LO, I just looked through it to see what was happening each month of that year. I made a little folder for every month, chose my favorite picture from each month and put it on the front of the folder. On the inside, I listed the highlights from that month.
It was quick and easy and a fun way to look back on the year! creative! Create your own Year In Review Layout! Do it now while the memories of 2007 are fresh on your mind!!
I wish you all a blessed and prosperous 2008!!
ps...make one of your New Year's Resolutions to check out ScrapFriendzy everyday!!! We've got lots of fun things planned for the new year!