Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More BINGO words!

3 more words for you today!! Good Luck!!

My Mind's Eye



**Don't forget, to catch up on all the words that have been called, click on the CURRENT GAME link...all called words are in green!


Ronda said...

I got one....bling.

Brandi said...

None again today! Do I need to send you a list of acceptable words to call? LOL!

AmyG said...

Hey...I just reach in a draw 'um!!Can't help it if you are a bad word picker!!!LOL

Dana said...

yay! 2 out of 3...12x12 and bling

Elizabeth said...

ok.. so this sums up my !
I have all three...
MME, bling and 12x12 !!
keep em' coming ladies =)