Sunday, June 29, 2008

Challenge #19

Here it is girlz..... the last Card-Friendzy Challenge for this month!!!! All you have to do is create a card using the following sketch!!! Anything goes!!

Complete your card by midnight June 30 and post a link or pic in the forum and I'll add 15 FRIENDZ POINTZ to your total!!! Have fun!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Challenge #18

Today's challenge is to:
make a masculine birthday card
I tend to make my cards girly (when I actually make them! LOL!) so I'm always needing a manly card. You can make it for any age (boy or man) and use whatever supplies--just no flowers, lace, or bling! *Most* men don't like those! LOL! Be sure to post your creations in the forum to receive 10 FRIENDZ POINTZ.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Page Challenge #4

It's time for our last Page Challenge of June!!! I think our CARD-FRIENDZY has been a huuuuuge success!! We've got lots of fun things instore for July, so stick around!!
Here is Page Challenge #4:
Create Your Own Pattern Paper To Feature On A Layout!!
OK... don't freak out on me... it's not as hard as it sounds!!! There are so many ways you can create your own design with stamps, paint, rub-ons, doodling, ect. As you can see in the page I did below, I created a polka-dot pattern using white paint and stamps on the bottom left corner.
I did this page using Cardstock only, but you are free to use whatever supplies you'd like, as long as, somewhere on your page you feature pattern paper you create yourself!! Just let your imagination go wild!!! Complete this challenge and I'll give you 25 FRIENDZ POINTZ!!
Remember, you have until midnight(cst) on June 30 to submit all of your projects for FPZ!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Challenge #17

Hey Girlz!!
I am in the mood for some fun!
Who's ready for a little FUN, and another card challenge?!!
Today, I want you to create a fun card and include STARS!!! You can add whatever sentiment you want, the challenge is to incorporate stars, and make it fun!! Here is my example:

Don't forget to post your creation in the Forum, and receive your 10 Friendz Pointz!!! Can't wait to see what you talented chicks come up with!! I am always amazed by what you girls can do!!

Have a Happy-Scrappy Wednesday!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Card Frendzy Challenge #16

What an awesome job you girlz have been doing on all the challenges!!! Isn't it going to feel great to have all of these cards just ready & waiting for you to give to someone at the end of the month?

For today's challenge.....I want you to make a card that has the word "friend " on it! It can be in a quote or just the word alone as I did. Whatever you want to do as long as it has the word "friend." Post your completed card in the forum under challenge 16 for 10 friendzpointz!! So have a wonderful day girlz & get to scrappin'!!!
Here's mine!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Forum Down

Hey girlz! If you have trouble opening the forum today, I'm sorry. It's a problem with the server. Hopefully it will be back up soon.

Challenge #15

Hope you girlz had a great weekend! Here is your first challenge of the week:
Create A Set Of 4 Matching NoteCards
Here's my example set:
Your cards can be any size or shape.... just as long as they coordinate as a set! Upload a pic or post a link in the FORUM and I'll give you 20 FRIENDZ POINTZ!!
Be creative and have fun!
Hope you have a wonderful week!!

Challenge #14

Today's challenge is to create a "Get Well" card. You must use glitter of somekind as well.

Here's one I did previously and shared but it fits my challenge so you get to look at it again! LOL!

I used Stickles as my glitter on the butterfly punched pieces.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Page Challenge #3

It sure seems like all of you are enjoying the card challenges this month... I know I am!! But we can't go a whole week without a page challenge! So here is your June Page Challenge #3:

"Cook-Up" A Page Using The Following Recipe:

1. Color Combo: green, blue & orange (any shades of these colors is fine & feel free to add others colors too as long as these are the main colors)

2. Stitching (this can be machine, by hand or rub-ons)

3. Use atleast 2 Different types of lettering for your title

4. Use Journaling strips

5. Embellish with stars & buttons (as many as you would like!!)

*feel free to add anything else you'd like to "spice" up your page!! As long as it has the "recipe"

included I'll give you 25 FRIENDZ POINTZ!!! Just post a pic or link in the forum in this thread!!

Here Is My Example:

Hope you girlz have a great day!!! And remember, you will have the entire month of June to complete all of the card & page challenges and earn your FRIENDZ POINTZ!!! The girlfriend with the most FPZ will win a fun prize!!


Challenge #13

Happy Wednesday, girlz!!!
Hope your week is going great! For todays challenge I want you create a "Thinking of You" card and use Doodling. There is no wrong way to doodle. Don't be afraid- just have fun!!! Here is my example.

Post a photo or link to your creation in the Scrapfriendzy Forum, and earn 15 Friendz Pointz!!!! Can't wait to see your creativity!!!

See ya on the boards!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Challenge # 12

Good morning girlfriendz!!! O.K. I need to have some joy today!! So I decided to do a silly challenge! I want you to do a card with something silly or funny! It can be whatever you want, just make us smile!!! Link it in the appropriate forum for 10 friendz pointz!!

Here is my example:
(Sorry my pic is a little blurry)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Challenge #11

Happy Monday, girlz!!! Hope you are having a great start to your week! Here is today's Card-Friendzy Challenge:
Create a BIRTHDAY card with a pocket!
It can be any size or shape! Your pocket can hold a tag, a place for money or giftcard, whatever you choose! Just be creative and have fun!
Here is mine:

I made this card for Ronda's dd's birthday last week. I made a pull tag that had my message to her and also a little sleeve that held her gift.... CASH!! I got the idea for this type of card from the GOT SKETCH 101 CLASS pre-challenges. I'm having so much fun over there!
{Don't forget BINGO starts today!! Check it out in the forum!}

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Challenge # 10 {Sympathy}

For the weekend challenge I am asking you to make a Sympathy card. It can say "With Deepest Sympathy" or whatever, as long as we can see it is for someone who has lost a loved one. No other requirements for this challenge, just do whatever you want to do!
I created this one to give to one of my best friends tomorrow as she lost her dad about a week ago & I know first hand that Father's Day will be very hard tomorrow. I also know that cards from people who care means a lot during a difficult time, so this is an encouragement to bless someone!
Here is mine:

BTW! This is made with the new Basic Grey Euphoria collection! Link your creation into the forum for 10 friendzpointz!


Hey girlz! Don't forget to get your BINGO words chosen and submitted by midnight tonight! The new game starts tomorrow!!
Just head over to the forum and look in the BINGO thread for more info (it's at the bottom of the forum).

Friday, June 13, 2008

Card Challenge #9

Today's challenge is to create a card with rub-on images (not letters). You can include rub-on letters or a sentiment but you also must have some kind of design or picture.

Any theme, any style as long as it includes rub-on images!

Be sure to post your card in the Challenge #9 thread in the forum to receive 10 pointz!

Here's what I came up with.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

June LO Challenge #2

Ok girls! Here is the LO Challenge #2 for the month! It has everything to do with CIRCLES! Use as many circles as you can on a LO, as long as you have at least 5! Big, small, colorful, ... whatever you want! Just be creative!

** Sorry about the blurry pic**

Post your finished creation into the Scrapfriendzy Forum under the appropriate Challenge section, and receive 15 Friendz Pointz!!!

Have a great Thursday!!!


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June Card Friendzy Challenge #8

Hey girlz!!!
I don't know about you, but I am having a blast making all these cards!!
For Challenge #8, we are going to be making Father's Day cards!!! Father's Day is Sunday, June 15th!!!

The Challenge is going to be a limitless!!! So you can make a Father's Day Card for 15PTZ, and every card after that you get 5PTZ!! Can't wait to see your creations!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

June Card Friendzy Challenge #7

I think everyone is having a wonderful time & getting a great stock of cards made!! You girlz have done some awesome work, let me tell you!!!!

For today I want to challenge you to create a Birthday Card with a Quote!! I created one with a Friend quote. You can use the one I used or come up with another one. It doesn't have to be a friend quote, it can be whatever....just a birthday card with a quote!!!

Here is my example:

Have fun girfriendz!!!

Challenge #6

Happy Monday!!! It's time for Challenge #6 of our June Card-Friendzy!! Hope you are enjoying these challenges as much as we are!
Create A Rectangle Birthday Card Using 3 Different Patterned Papers
Here is my example:

Complete this challenge, post a pic or link in the forum in the Challenge #6 thread and I'll give you 10 FRIENDZ POINTZ!! Have a great day!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

June Card-Friendzy Challenge #5

Hope you girlz are having a great weekend! I thought I'd give you a little extra card challenge for this weekend! Here's Challenge #5:
Create An "I Love You" Card With An Edge
It can have any edge you'd like... scalloped, jagged, whatever! Just use your imagination and have fun!! I created this edge using my new Threading Water Punch! {Love it!}
Post a pic or link to your card and I'll give you 10 FRIENDZ POINTZ!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 6, 2008

TGIF! Card Friendzy Challenge #4

It's Friday! (Well at least it is here! LOL!) I'll be headed out of town (going to GASC in Arlington) tomorrow so I wanted to go ahead and get this posted.

My challenge to you is to create a card in a non-traditional shape (no squares or rectangles!). I chose a star. You can do any theme and use any embellishments you want. Just be creative!

Remember to post your card in the coresponding MB thread to receive 10 pointz!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

June LO Challenge #1

Hey girlfriendz!!! Everyone is doing an AMAAAAZING job on all the cards!!! The message board is smokin' & we have so many new girlz joining!! What fun!!!

Well for those of you who are wanting to get some pages done this month too, we will be giving lo challenges on Thursdays.

Sooooo, my challenge for you today is to do a lo with 3 pics, 3 ribbons, & 3 flowers!!! Everything else is up to you!!! Can't wait to see what you talented girlz come up with!!!
Have fun!!!! Oh yeah, Post a link to your LO in the forum for 20 FRIENDZ POINTZ!!!Check back in tomorrow for Card Challenge # 4!!!!

Here is my example:

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Card Friendzy Challenge #3!!

Hey Girlz!! Hope you are getting some cards made this week!!!
Here is Challenge#3, Create a 3-D "Thinking of You" card!!
I love to add dimension to cards/LO's and there are many ways you can do that. On this card I used pop-dots behind the flowers and stems. I also folded the stems to make them stand off the page more. Finally, I inked around the edges, using Fluid Chalk Ink, to make everything "pop" off the page.

Post your finished card in the appropriate category in the Forum so we can see your project and give you 10 FRIENDZ POINTZ!!!!
Have a great Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Card-friendzy Challenge #2

It's time for Card-Friendzy Challenge #2!! Here it is:
It's a "Fuzzy-Wuzzy" Thank You Card!! heehee!
Here's my example:
I used some of the brown Fancy Pants 12x12 Felt Sheets. The flowers and 'You' are felt.
Post a pic or link to your card in the Forum under Card-friendzy Challenge #2 and I'll give you 10 FRIENDZ POINTZ!!

Have a great day, Girlz!!


Monday, June 2, 2008

June Card Friendzy Challenge # 1

WooHOO! I am so excited about the card friendzy for June!!!! The first challenge is "Birthdays, Bling, & Butterflies"!!!!

Let's see what you can come up with making a birthday card including butterflies & bling!!! Link your card under the appropriate place in the forum & receive 10 friendzpointz!!

Here is my example:


Good morning girlz!!! I'm so excited about what we've got planned for this month! Last month, we hosted a "Pointz Friendzy", this month we're having a
CardFriendzy!! It's gonna be a blast!
4 days a week, we'll give you a challenge to complete a hand-made card. You never know what techniques or occasion we'll throw at you... but at the end of the month you'll be loaded up with great cards for every occasion you can think of!!
And don't worry... we haven't forgot about scrapbook pages... we'll still be giving you weekly page challenges as well!
Remember, you can earn FRIENDZ POINTZ by completing the challenges and at the end of the month, the girlfriend with the most FPZ wins a cool prize!!
Check back later today for your first CARD-FRIENDZY CHALLENGE!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

May GirlFriend Of The Month Announcement

I'm so excited to introduce this month's GirlFriend Of The Month.

Not only is her work so fun and inspiring, it's been great gaining a new friend here at ScrapFriendzy! She's blown us away this month by earning 400 FRIENDZ POINTZ!!! Here she is.............

Sonia Kertznus!

Hello, my name is Sonia Kertznus, I am 41 years old, mother of one 8 year old boy and wife for 9 years to my best friend. We are a very happy family and that’s our biggest blessing. I have been scrapbooking all my life, but passionately, only for the past two years. I love everything related to scrapbooking and card making, and I love to learn new techniques and apply them to my personal scrapbooking. And last, I must admit that I am a scrap-a-holic. :)
Here are some of Sonia's favorite projects: