Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Page Challenge #3

It sure seems like all of you are enjoying the card challenges this month... I know I am!! But we can't go a whole week without a page challenge! So here is your June Page Challenge #3:

"Cook-Up" A Page Using The Following Recipe:

1. Color Combo: green, blue & orange (any shades of these colors is fine & feel free to add others colors too as long as these are the main colors)

2. Stitching (this can be machine, by hand or rub-ons)

3. Use atleast 2 Different types of lettering for your title

4. Use Journaling strips

5. Embellish with stars & buttons (as many as you would like!!)

*feel free to add anything else you'd like to "spice" up your page!! As long as it has the "recipe"

included I'll give you 25 FRIENDZ POINTZ!!! Just post a pic or link in the forum in this thread!!

Here Is My Example:

Hope you girlz have a great day!!! And remember, you will have the entire month of June to complete all of the card & page challenges and earn your FRIENDZ POINTZ!!! The girlfriend with the most FPZ will win a fun prize!!



Sonia said...

Love the colors, the design, great layout.
I found this blog and i love it.
Hugs, Sonia (Sony)
From Puerto Rico

Sassy said...

I can't believe that is our "baby" girl!!! Couldn't really concentrate on the layout cuz I couldn't get over her lookin' like such a teenage swimsuit model!