Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Technique Tuesday

OK, girls, I'm starting a new feature every Tuesday called "Technique Tuesday!" Each Tuesday, I will post a new scrapbook technique for you to try! This week, I am featuring a technique from the Autumn Leaves Design With 2008 Calendar {If you haven't got yours yet...GET ONE!!! They ROCK!!}

Here's our technique for today:


How To: To ensure overlapping elements- like the orange scroll shown here- don't extend beyond the edge of you page protector, cut the top of your page to allow space for it. The resulting page is still only 12" tall but allows you to have a decorative accent extend off the page!
This is such a simple technique that adds interest and fun to you pages! C'mon, give it a try!!
AND NOW................. MORE BINGO WORDS!!!!!!!
Here ya go:
Good Luck Girls!!! How close are we to a winner??!!


Brandi said...

I'm having a big "duh!" moment right now! LOL! I have stuff sticking off my pages ALL the time and have a huge pile of them now cause they don't fit in my albums! LOL! DId you make that page? It's awesome!

scrapfriendzy said...

Nope! Didn't make it...it's from the Designing With 2008 Calendar.

Ronda said...

I had two...AL and emboss, and I am nowhere near winning. lol

Love the technique too!!

Elizabeth said...

oh my gosh... I have done several pages with overlapping flowers..ribbon , etc... and then get so frustrated when I have to smush and wrinkle up my page..
GEESH, I should have thought to just trim it down before hand!
thanks for the lightbulb!!

and I am a loser.. no words this time!

Cheryl L. said...

I didn't have any! Do better tonight!!!

Brandi said...

Got 2! Felt and Autumn Leaves!