Saturday, January 12, 2008

Scrap-A-Licious Bingo Begins!!

OK girls.....I've drawn 3 words....
are you

Here we go:

Patterned Paper

Love, Elsie


Post a comment and let me know how many of these words you had!
Don't forget to check back in never know when I'll call more words!! Good Luck!
Here's a reminder on how it works:
You chose 25 words from the list of 50. You e-mail me a copy of the words you picked, and kept a copy for yourself. As I call out the words, check off the ones you have on your list. Be the first person to get all 25 of your words called and post a comment calling "BINGO!" Have fun!
Any more questions...please feel free to e-mail me!! Good Luck!!


Anonymous said...

I have 2, friends & patterned paper.


Dana said...

man! only 1 - Love, Elsie

I wouldn't win if I was the only one playing though so I'm not *too* disappointed ;-)

Ronda said...

I had two!
Patterned paper and friends

Elizabeth said...

whoo hoo! I had all three.
pp,friends, and love elsie..

i forget the rules... how do we know if we have a bingo??

Brandi said...

Only 1! Love, Elsie

Cheryl L. said...

I got Love Elsie, & friends!!