Friday, April 11, 2008

New Feature Added!!!

We've added a new feature on our link lists...."Bloggin' Girlfriendz".
Once you earn your first FRIENDZ POINT, you are officially a GIRLFRIEND and we will add your blog to our Girlfriendz List. If you would not like to have your blog included, simply e-mail me at and I'll promtly remove biggie!! It's just our way of saying thanks for playing with us!!


Elizabeth said...

so fun! you girls have really done an amazing job with this site!! I don't see where you find the time!! (but I am so HAPPY that you do!!LOL)
its gonna be fun getting to know other girlfriendz thru their blogs!

Christa said...

Whoo hooo I'm officially a GIRLFRIEND now!!! hehehe

Thank you!!
Stop by blog anytime and say hi!