Friday, February 1, 2008


Remember when I said my "resolution" this year was to do something scrappy each day? Well, I feel that making cards falls under that category. This month at Simply Obsessed we are having a Card Carnival. Much like January's Layout A Day challenge, there will be a challenge posted each day, along with examples to get you going. Today's challenge was to create a card using just red, black, and white. A perfect challenge to get those Valentine's cards out of the way! I, of course, have not made mine today yet but here's one I did a while back that fits this challenge perfectly.

I would love to see you take this challenge too! Create a "new" card using only red, black, and white, link it up here and you will get 3 Friendz Pointz! I'd also love to see you join the month long challenge over at SO. Drop in if you get a chance.



scrapfriendzy said...

This is adorable, Brandi!!!
I'm so excited about the SO card carnival!!! Haven't decided on my challenge yet...I've got awhile though before I have to post!

Elizabeth said...

is this post for the simply obsessed impaired user aka ME ??!!!!

I'm all about getting these done.
great cards the pocket inside!

Cindy said...

Here is a link to my blog where I posted my red/white/black card.

Thanks for the challenge Brandi!


Cindy said...

Opps..forgot to add the link.

AllyKat said...

how cute!!GREAT JOB!