Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year Day!

Is there even such a holiday? LOL!

I truly believe this is the first Leap Year I can recall! I am fully aware that there have been others as I'm 31 years old but I cannot remember a single one.

I know you are all busy trying to earn your friendz pointz for the month (submissions due by midnight tonight!) so I want load you up with anything hard. Today take a picture of something. It can be anything you want but it must be taken today! Share it with us and get 3 pointz. Create a layout with it today and get 10! Remember it must be shared by midnight tonight (CST) to qualify!

Have a great day and an even better weekend!



Cindy said...

Hey Girls!
Well, I did almost all the challenges for the month but I'm no where near the top scrapper so I'm not going to bog down the email box for anyone else who might have a chance.

Thanks for the fun month of challenges! I've really enjoyed it and hope you do this again in March!

Anonymous said...

Leap Year is a very special day for us Leapers, and I can assure you there have been 13 for the last 52 years I've been alive. Ahhh.... a teenager at last! A menopausal teenager!!