Monday, February 25, 2008

Cheryl's Monday Motivation

I can't stand to throw away my scraps! You know, you do a page or 2 & may never use that paper to scrap another page, but you don't want to throw it away.
Well I want to give you a tip,( actually came from Amy) that I have started doing & I love it! As soon as you finish a page before you clean up your mess.....make a card or 2. That way you are using some more of your paper AND getting some cards made too!
Also, when I have a good bit of a set of paper left, but don't want to use it again, I have started putting it in a bag to give to someone else. I may give it to one of my daughters or grandaughters, or even take it to our monthly scrapclass to give away. You know, one persons trash is another persons treasure!
For 3 friendz points.....either make a card out of some of your scraps or give some paper away. Comment on this link & let us know what you did.
Have a great week & get to scrappin'!
Here's a card I made from my last page scraps:

Made for Card challenge # 24 @
Simply Obsessed


AmyG said...

I just finished 4 pages for my DT assignments at Dixie Pieces and I'm working on a few cards with my scraps right now!! You never know when you might need a quick's a great way to keep your card supply built up!

Trish said...

cute! I just found your blog today and look forward to coming back again :)

Ronda said...

Such a good tip!! Great way to use up some scraps!