Saturday, February 16, 2008

Candy Heart Guess Winner!!!

Hey Girls! I wanted to post the winner for the Candy Heart Guess game. And the winner is.................................................

Wendi Robinson!!!!!

Wendi was the closest with a guess of 513 hearts! Congrats Wendi!! You won 15 Friendz Pointz!! I know this guess was a lot harder than it looked. I know if I had to guess I would have been WAY off. The total amount of candy hearts in the jar was 703. Here were the other guesses:

Gayle: 475
Anne: 87
Cindy: 369
Jodi: 318
Elizabeth: 287

Thanks to all of you participating, and Good guessing ladies!!! Keep checking back for more fun ways to earn Pointz and win prizes!!! Also, sometime this weekend we will be posting a tally of total Friendz Pointz that you have earned so far.
Hope you're having a Happy Scrappy Saturday! I know I plan to!



AmyG said...

WTG, WENDI!!!!!! I could not believe how many candy hearts that vase held!!! I would have been waaaaaay off on my guess!!!

Anne said...

Well now I'm just embarrassed with that little two-digit number by MY name! LOL! I am WAY bad at estimating things like this I guess... :) Congrats Wendi!

wendipooh13 said...

oh my gosh yeah!!! I thought I was sooo high but I guess that paid off!!! LOL

Elizabeth said...

So you COUNTED that high!!! LOL
I would have never guessed that many... actually thought my guess was off base!
congrats wendi!