Monday, July 7, 2008

Tuesday- Free To Be Me Challenge #2

It's time for your 2nd "Free To Be Me" Challenge!! I know many of you struggle creating pages about yourself, but it is sooo important that you include YOU in your albums. One day your children and loved ones will be so glad you did!
For today's challenge:
Create An "All About Me" Page
{Your hobbies, interests, favorites, loves, dislikes, passions, etc} Anything goes, just be creative! For mine, I created a "Me @ 33" page that list all different things that I am "into" at 33 years old. {FYI... I'm NO WHERE NEAR 33 y/o.. I just pulled that number out of the air!! I'm waaaay younger than that!!!LOL} I "hid" my journaling strips by making a flap with my photo mat.

Post a link or pic of your page in the forum and I'll give you 25 FRIENDZ POINTZ!!! Remember, you've got until the end of the month to complete all of our July Freedom Friendzy Challenges for FPZ!!

Have a blessed day!!


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Cheryl L. said...

Yeah right!!!! I KNOW better!!! Great page!!