Thursday, July 17, 2008

Free to Speak Challenge #3

Good Morning Girlz!!!!

Everybody has been so busy the last few weeks & I hope everything slows down a little now! But we are still having fun at SF!!!

For todays "Free To Speak" challenge I am giving you a choice.......

You can create a LO with this saying, "Joy is found in moments spent with those we love." OR.... you can just use the word "Joy"!

As you are creating your LO remember this......Happiness is based on our circumstances but JOY is a gift from God! In other words, you can still have joy even when things may not be going so great!!!!

Remember to link your LO's in the proper place in the forum for 20 friendz pointz!!!!

Have a great weekend friendz!!!


Here are my example LO's:

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