Friday, July 4, 2008

Freedom Friendzy Friday Word Scramble!!!

First of all, Happy 4th of July!!!!
Fridays are going to be deemed "Free to have Fun Fridays"! This day is going to be used for games, challenges, and anything that will help you earn Friendz Pointz!! Fridays are definitely going to be fun, so get ready!!!
Lots of info below--please read carefully!!
Our first challenge is a 4th of July Word Scramble. Once you have finished, please PM me- {Ronda} with your answers so I can check them, and put your name in for a drawing to earn 50 FRIENDZ POINTZ!! Yes- I said 50! Oh yeah--by the way you have a chance to earn an immediate 10 PTZ aside from the 5o, by answering the Bonus Question at the bottom. You can also PM me those answers too!! You have until next Thursday, by midnight {CST} to get in your answers!! Good Luck girlz!!
I hope you all have a great day today, celebrating with your families!!!

Here are your words:
1. oefriswrk
2. encindednep
3. rnoawetlem
4. meeodrf
5. barleetec
6. karlspres
7. yliamf
8. daarsep
9. draycbka bceeruab
10. camerani galf
11. lepap iep
12. stras
13. sebbalal
14. spicinc
15. ritssep
16. yaoildh
17. latinano mentha
18. yuJl
19. riottcapi
20. nitUde taSset

Bonus Question: What was the date the U.S. adopted the Declaration of Independence??

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Chrissy said...

what fun I love word puzzles! Very exciting!