Friday, July 25, 2008

Make me laugh!

I've been in a bit of a funk lately and could use a laugh (or 2!). Tell me a joke or a funny story and I'll give you 5 pointz! How easy is that?

Have a wonderful, fun-filled weekend!


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Colleen said...

I have a granddaughter who is always getting into trouble. She keeps us laughing and I hope this little adventure puts a smile on your face.

My DD took her 3 kids shopping one day and the littlest one who is 3 started to wander off and my DD noticed she was headed over to a man all covered in tatoos. Sure enough she went over and asked the guy about all the markings on his arms. The man was very nice and explained what each tatoo was for. My granddaughter was even allowed to touch them. Everything seemed fine and the man was so great and kind.

That night as my daughter was in bed, my granddaughter came in with nothing on and told her mom she was "tooed". She had taken a pernament marker and covered her entire body excpet for her neck and face. She was so proud because now she was tooed like that man.