Friday, March 7, 2008


Hey everyone! Have you taken any pics today yet? I did! We woke up this morning to SNOW! May seem perfectly normal to some of you, but it NEVER snows here so it was a bit of a shock to me this morning! LOL! Of course I had to take Drew outside for just a bit to snap a few photos. We don't really have "snow clothes" so we only stayed out about 5 minutes. She kept running to the window, yelling "Dares No!" which I translated to "There's snow!" Too cute!

If you haven't taken any pics today, find something, anything to photograph!

Have an awesome weekend!



AmyG said...

We took some pics in the snow too!! It only lasted a couple of hours glad we took the time to snap some before school!

Elizabeth said...

I can't wait to see a
'dares no' page soon! you'll get to use snowflakes on a page!! LOl