Saturday, March 29, 2008


Hope you are all having a great scrappy weekend!!!
It's time to choose a Girlfriend Of The Month for March!!! We're gonna make it really easy for ya!!!
All you have to do is post a comment on this post answering the questions below. Doing so will automatically enter you into the March GFOTM Contest/Drawing.....simple as that!!!
{FYI....GFOTM will win an awesome RAK and we'll spotlight you and your talent here on ScrapFriendzy!!}
Here are the questions: "Why do you scrapbook? How has scrapbooking changed your life?"
*Answer these questions by commenting on this post!*
Also....just wanted to remind you that you only have one day left to get your BINGO words sent in!!! The deadline is Monday at midnight (cst). For more info, click on the BINGO link at the top right of the site!
AND....don't forget to get all of your FRIENDZ POINTZ projects sent in! The deadline for those is also Monday March 31st at midnight (cst)
Have a great weekend!!!



Donna Espiritu said...

I've sent in my bingo words, hope you got it! :)

Nweis, here are my answers to your questions:

"Why do you scrapbook? How has scrapbooking changed your life?" -
I scrapbook for me and my family. Through this, Im able to express my thoughts and feelings creatively. Their appreciation of each finished page is most rewarding. Through this also, I was able to meet and get to know a lot of people, to whom I became good friends with.

Christa said...

Sent my BINGO words.

Why do I scrapbook?
I scrap for my children, memories that will be past down many years. Memories that one they may not remember but with my LOs they will never forget.

How has scrapbooking changed your life?
First changed my wallet!! hehe
Really.. it has made me see things different and see whats really important in life. With us being a Military family and never staying in one place very long, it's hard on all of us to pack up and leave behind a life we made in that town. But through my LOs I'm able to have the memories last forever.

zabeth said...

Why do I scrapbook? How was scrapbooking changed my life?

I scrapbook for I want those sweet memories to be treasured for me and for my family. Scrapbook inspire me to show my creative, my talents in arts and express myself in my photos life stories.

Scrapbook has changed my life my artz has been improving a lot and the more I scrap I am learning to do my best in designing. My imagination unleashed.

Cheryl L. said...

I scrapbook because I LOVE it! #1It is the only hobby I know that you can leave as a legacy to future generations. #2. It gives me a creative & emotional outlet. #3 Makes me look at things that happen to my family & loved ones in a different way. #4 I feel it is a way to show my love for others when I create a page about them. #5. It's a way to spend lots of $$$$$! Ha!

Brandi said...

I started scrapping long before I had a child, so I think for me it is mostly a creative outlet. Scrapping allows me to put everything else out of my mind for awhile and just play. Now that I do have a daughter, I scrap every little thing she does so that she will see how very loved and cherished she is.

I think scrapping has made me look at things around me in a different way. I take better photos and I take my time when looking at stuff (like on vacation).