Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekend FPZ Bonus Challenge!!

Hope you all are have a great weekend so far! I thought I'd give you an extra challenge this weekend to earn a few bonus FRIENDZ POINTZ!
Create A Page Using Pics That You've Taken In The Last Week!
It can be a page about your Mother's Day celebration or about something else that's been recently going on in your life! Whatever... it's up to you!
But wait! There's a catch!! In order to receive your bonus FPZ, your LO must be submitted before Monday, May 19 at midnight!! Finish you page by the deadline and I'll give you 20 FRIENDZ POINTZ!! Better get busy!!
(Post a pic or link of your LO in the forum in the FRIENDZ POINTZ thread under "Bonus FPZ Challenges")


Anonymous said...

OH MY! This is awesome... I just had 3 little guys over to play with my son and I got some pics... On my way to Walgrens :)

Christa said...

Just finished this challenge. Posting pics tomorrow in the forum. :)