Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekend Bonus Challenge

Hey girlz! Hope you are having a great holiday weekend!! The month of May is quickly wrapping up, so I thought I'd give you a bonus challenge to boost your FRIENDZ POINTZ totalz!! This is a Color Combo Challenge!!
Create a page using RED, BLACK, & WHITE
Here is an example page that I created:

Post a pic or link to your page in the Friendz Pointz Section of the forum before the end of May and I'll give you 15 FRIENDZ POINTZ !! BUT... if you post your pic or link by midnight Tuesday, May 27, I'll give you 25 FRIENDZ POINTZ!!!
Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Great Challenge... I am going for it, but I have a question... Does the pics have to be in Black and White too?
Hugs, Sonia

AmyG said...

Nope! The pic can be whatever you'd like!! Just as long as the page colors are Red, Black & White.