Friday, November 16, 2007


Can you believe it's already Friday (well almost Saturday now!)? And that Thanksgiving is less than a week away? Wow! This year has flown by!

I have a confession to make. I photograph my food! No not all my food! I'm not nuts! LOL! But I often hold up Thanksgiving dinner trying to get pics of everything before it gets cut into and messed all up. Of course my family thinks I'm insane but every year I do it. This year I'm sure will be no different and I plan to create a page showcasing my food photos. I challenge all of you to do the same. Take pics of your Thanksgiving meal and create a layout with them. You can include the menu or favorite family recipes. The possibilities are unlimited. I can't wait to see your pages and I'll be sure to post mine here when I get it done.



AmyG said...

I've seen this done sooooo much, but I have never made a LO using food pics...I think I'll start this year!!! I can't believe how fast this year is flying by!!!!

Ronda said...

Good idea. I hate it when it takes so long to prepare turkey or dressing, and it looks so pretty, Then everyone digs in, and its gone.