Monday, August 9, 2010

Scrap University!!

Summer is drawing to a close. It's time again to buy those backpacks and pencil cases. Stores have all the latest back to school fashions and aisles full of school supplies. Yes, Fall is right around the corner and school is about to start again for another year. But, that doesn't have to be the end of our scrappy summer fun! No, Scrap-Friendzy is getting ready to open our doors to our first ever Scrap University! Enrollment will soon be open for all to attend Scrap U, where you will want to come to educate yourself in every scrappy way possible!

Beginning September 1st, Scrap U will be offering classes (challenges) in every subject that will also include lessons (tutorials) for you to learn. There will also be lots of extra credit assignments and after school activities that will not only keep you busy, but will also help you make the grade. At the end of September, grades will be calculated and we will decide who our class Valedictorian will be. Our Valedictorian will be the winner of a fun scrappy prize!!!!

So gather all your scrappy school supplies and get ready to register at Scrap U, the University where all the Scrappy Girlz go!

**Be on the lookout for Pre Scrap U Challenges and more information coming soon!!!**

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