Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Survivor Final Vote!!!

Okiedokie! We are down to 2 survivors!!! Congrats to EVERYONE that participated in this game! Now it's up to you to pick our ultimate Summer Survivor!! For this challenge, contestants were asked to create {TRASH TO TREASURE}. The challenge was to find something they would normally just throw away, and use it on either a page or a set of 3 cards!! My inspiration for this challenge came from some perfume I bought a few weeks ago. The box that it came in was soooo pretty, I couldn't bare to chunk it! So I cut it up and used it on a set of notecards! Here is my before & after:

And here is what our final 2 Survivor Contestants did with their challenge:
Telah creatively took shopping bags that would normally be trashed, and used them to make adorable embellishments for her page! Here is her before and after:

Min, went dumpster divin' and came up with an egg carton and Capri-Suns to play with! She amazingly created a set of 3 cards with her trash! Here is her before and after:

So now it's time to vote!!

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